Sunday, January 26, 2014

Northpark Trains & 1st Week of December...

The morning after Nutcracker we headed to Dallas for family pictures, breakfast at Breadwinners & Northpark Mall...

After the trains we went to see the puppet show...


Back to school on Monday!  My birthday week!

and to celebrate... I got my James Avery Charm Bracelet... it's a southern tradition!



Thursday!  Time to celebrate my birthday at school.  With bad weather on the horizon it was time!  Mom spent the day rescheduling my birthday party with lots and lots of ice in the forecast!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Nutcracker 2013

Sprinkles was ready for Nutcracker Day!

and so was I!

 Mom even made me a shirt!

First up... tech rehearsal... don't I look like a real dancer here?

Let's do this!

Here we are on stage (you can find me, I'm in the red)...

Our tech rehearsal was late so I got to stay with the big girls...

Lots of time backstage!

Is it time yet?

How about now?

Finally costumes!

All us gingers... Sydney, Piper, me & Elie...

Love my Piper!

and my favorite backstage mom!

We were in the 2nd act... more waiting!

Cheeks!  That means it's almost time!

Here we are!

My friend Landry from school came to watch me... such a sweet friend!

This is my idol!  Our Sugar Plum Fairy!  She is an amazing dancer!

It was an amazing night!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Thanksgiving Week & Thanksgiving

Did you know we get an entire week off for Thanksgiving?  Luckily mom planned a few playdates for me to keep things interesting!

I got to have Landry over for a playdate and then we went to McDonalds...

then on Wednesday I wasn't feeling so hot... :(

Feeling better later that day, so mom and I worked on some sewing...

I ended up making a really nice handwarmer for Nana...

and then it was finally Thanksgiving!

Yay for yummy food!

and chocolate pie!

and dog wrestling!

and family pictures...

Friday I woke up and Sprinkles had arrived!

With a North Pole breakfast!

Lazy day family picture time!