Friday, May 24, 2013

Dance Recital...

 Recital weekend!  One of my favorite events of the year!

We had recital practice on Saturday.  It was short and sweet, but at least we got to see the stage and I got to watch some of the other dances...

Then it was recital time on Sunday afternoon!  I coaxed mom into being stage mom again this year...

Me and Syd

We've grown up SO much since our first recital together two years ago!

Thank you mommy for being a stage mom!  I know it's hard work!

All us girls ready for tap.  They combined our class with the one under us, the age range in our dance was 3 to 6! 

Me and my Lilly... I'm so glad she got to take dance with me this year!

All the girls watching Rapunzel while we waited (this lasted about 5 minutes for most of us)...

Lilly and I just sat and talked like big girls!



All I kept thinking was "please mom stop taking my picture"...

Then it was time for ballet.  Piper was there too, we are just in different classes.

Me and mommy round 2..

Love my yellow costume!

Crazy face!




Practicing on the little stage before we went on...

So excited to hear it was time to go on stage!

Mommy did a great job on my curls!

"Let's do this!"

Finally it was time to go see daddy!  Mom and dad got me a trophy because if I had stayed at Majestic last year then I would have gotten a 3 year trophy, but since we went back and forth between studios I have to wait another year.  I love my pink ballerina trophy!

and Nana got me flowers!

Love that she was able to come watch me dance!

and I love this guy too!  Thanks for paying for my ballet lessons daddy!  I love it!

No videos of the show, but here are videos from dress rehearsal.  Mom will try to post my official recital video when it comes in.  Mom and dad are very proud of me!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

1st Presby Park Day

One of my favorite days of the year is 1st Presby Park Day!



2010 (we were rained out in 2011)...

This year we headed to Parr Park...

I was THRILLED to see Lilly!

and Sydney and Jameson.

Some of my classmates.  Jackson, Katherine and one of the twins (mom can't tell them apart).

This was the moment the spray pad turned on and Lilly and I decided to get wet.  Mom brought a change of clothes for me, but not a towel.  Because we all know how much I don't like spray parks right?  Right?  I mean there are countless posts on here of me sitting on the sidelines at a spray park totally not interested...

Well that was not the case today!

Was it peer pressure?


or just that I'm growing up???

I had a blast!

We all did!

My sweet friend Alexa...

You can see how much I love Maribelle in this picture...

and Lilly...

With no towel mom got creative and let me use my fleece jacket as a towel.

I was just about done, but then Piper arrived and I hopped back in...

We had a blast!  Unfortunately, on the way out of the park I was talking to Piper and I stepped in a fire ant pile.  I got 25 bites 48 hours before my dance recital!  I totally freaked out, mom had no benadryl or bite relief in the car, so she gave me an ice pack to put on them to keep the swelling down till we could get home.  The ice pack BURST all over the car!  More sobbing came from the backseat (and maybe a little from mom in the front seat).  Finally when we got home lemon juice was the relief!

and later on that afternoon after I calmed down... chlorine.  It works great on bites! This was our first trip to the pool this year and it was COLD!

I'm proud to say I haven't lost any of my swimming skills!