Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Visit from Papa and Grandma Kitty...

Grandma Kitty and Papa came to visit me this weekend.

I busted out the cupcake clothes for them on Friday... they are my signature look...

See mom even made me a cupcake bow to match. Look at ALL my hair!!!

Still getting use to these shoes...

On Saturday we went to Uncle Julios for lunch... I was FASCINATED with the big lighting fixture they had.

"Yummmm.... tortillas!"

Mommy loves this new outfit of mine so she wanted to take pictures of me in it by the fountain...

Don't we look alike in this picture?

Mom likes this one better... too bad I'm not looking at the camera!

Today we took lots of pictures before we had to say goodbye. Papa and Grandma Kitty babysat me last night and I really bonded with them...

"Papa, don't go..."

"I'm going to miss yall..."

Mommy made me happier...

Me, Papa and my Papa doll...

We all had breakfast together and I put on a show as usual...

Here's our official picture from the visit... wow have I grown since the last time they visited! I have LOTS more hair!

Papa playing motorboat with me...

Check out my teeth! They have finally broken through.

Ok so I'm still not crawling... but sometimes I think I can...

See don't I look like a crawler here?

Mom decided to get me a balloon today... of course I got the one featuring my friend Elmo!

Proof that not all my pictures are good! (daddy made me mad by bopping me with the balloon)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

2 days of pics...

These are the pictures mom forgot about yesterday... just a couple before we left for the mall in my giraffe shirt... I love giraffes...

Mom didn't think it was a great idea for me to try to crawl on the tile!

Lookie here! Look who has figured out how to drink from her sippy cup... I still prefer when mom does it for me... but this is proof that I can do it.. and yes, people make fun of me for lounging in my stroller at the mall...

Guess what came in the mail today... my PEDIPEDS!!!

I tried REALLY hard to chew on them!

"Do I look like a little girl with my shoes on?"

Check out my eyes...

They're pretty aren't they?

"Mom can I have your camera..."

"I'm coming to get you..."

I landed in a cheerleading move...

Mom was trying to convince me to put my hands on my hips and pose.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pilsbury Dough Girl

Just a fun video to share... mom thinks she took a couple of pictures today, but she doesn't remember... if she did, she'll post them tomorrow. We're all a little tired around here... teething BITES!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Monday!

Let's see what did we do today?

Mom had to go to the post office this morning and there's a park in the same parking lot... guess where we ended up?


Yep... I still love to swing... mom said the park will be more fun these days since all the kids are in school...

Check me out! I'm riding all by myself!

Check out my shirt... It's FLOWER! And it's SO true these days! I'm stinky!

It was a 3 outfit day...

Mom put these overalls on me thinking maybe they would finally fit (they are size 3 to 6 months)... they are STILL too big! I just don't think I'm meant to wear overalls.... but I'm cute in them!

"Hey this is a good chew toy..."

So then mom put me in this outfit... MUCH better!

"Am I cute?"

As you can see I'm getting MUCH closer to crawling... I'm finally find my knees and somehow scooting forward as you'll see in these pics...

See how much closer I got?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Just Hanging Out...

Let's see... what did I do this weekend?

Well mom let me destroy the Macy circular that came in the mail... it was ALOT of fun!

If you look closely at the baby on the page, we are making the same facial expression...

See how fast my hands are working on destroying this?

"Mmmm... tasty too!

Saturday night we went to Logan's Steakhouse. Mom and dad said it was the most fun they've ever had with me at dinner. They dropped M&D's plates and had to re-make their foods, but they also decided to give M&D their dinner for free... anyway dinner took almost 2 hours and I handled it GREAT!

Luckily mom remembered the puffs!

"Yeah mom, I'm smiling at you"

Mom kept me happy by kissing my neck... she cracks me up!

When we got home I saw that mommy bought me my Penguin Bowling set... YAY! I played with Corbin's on Friday and LOVED it!

"What do I do with them again mom?"

"Oh I'm suppose to use the ball and bowl... but the penguins are SO much fun!!!"

"Oh wait... there's one with a BOW!!!"

"Heck ya! That's more like it!"

After I got down all my bowling moves daddy decided to be my own personal roller coaster...

"Did you see that mom?"

Mom got me this cute onesie with Duchess from the Aristocats and thought it was so cute she made me do a photo shoot...

"Mom it's JUST pajamas"

"I'm gonna get you... Milk Monster..."


Mom thinks she's SOOOO funny... I'm NOT amused!!!

Oh and a note from Maggie... Callie has hijacked her bed... I guess that's what she gets for hijacking my blog!!!

Say lots of prayers for me... my top teeth are FINALLY pushing through and I'm miserable! I've done ALOT of crying today and mommy and daddy are POOPED! They are really hoping I will sleep hard tonight...