Thursday, April 24, 2014


It was a special day at Ridgeview... Santacopter Day!  What's that?  Never heard of Santacopter?  Well Santa and a few of his friends arrive via helicopter at the school say hello and then head back to the North Pole.  It's very cool!

Waiting patiently...

They're here!

The entire school came out to see them...



an elf! 

Mommy/Milla selfie. :)

Me and my girls!

Do you see Mrs. Claus?

and there's Santa!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My 6th Birthday Party...

Sometimes you have a birthday you will NEVER forget!  Ice day on your actual birthday - unforgettable.  Ice cancelling your originally scheduled birthday party - huge bummer but hard to forget.  Your birthday party ending in a massive blackout - yep we'll be talking about this one until I'm in my 30's!

 I started my morning with my name spelled in sugar cubes from Sprinkles the Elf.  Thanks Sprinkles!

Mom worked HARD getting my cupcakes done before the party...

and then it was time!  My theme?  A pajama candy party at a jump place!

Did you know pajamas slide faster on the slides?

Here's Lila & Allison...

Helena & Bella...

Having fun!

This is my reading buddy Avery.  She's in 2nd grade and I want to be her when I grow up.  She's one of my favorite friends!  Can't wait to have pool playdates this summer!

and then a transformer blew!  Daddy was outside when it happened and he heard the pop and knew that the party was over...

We patiently waited to see if the power would come back on.  We played games...

and had races...

Then they decided we better go do nuggets and cake before the sun went down.

Don't you love the gumball topiaries mom made?

Mmmm... chicken nuggets!

Here's a video of my friends singing "Happy Birthday".  It was a short party, but I felt the love from my friends and I will never forget my 5th birthday party!