Monday, February 3, 2014

My 6th Birthday...

I think every kid dreams of getting a snow day on their birthday... Lucky for me, it happened this year!

Sprinkles the elf decorated the dining room for me...

and mom and dad decorated my door...

Happy birthday girl!

A quick breakfast and then I was ready to go see the snow!

In all honesty, this is not snow... it's ice!  Like 3 inches of ice!
 Maggie LOVES it!

It was seriously thick!

So we grabbed our containers and headed down to the school to sled...

I'll apologize now for all of mom's sledding videos... this is something we've ALWAYS wanted to do!



Daddy's big wipeout!


We spent the day going back and forth from the house to the hill...


While the dogs wrestled in the ice...

Finally it was time for cake! 

The next day... more ice! 

Boredom started to creep in, but a playdate with Ava helped!

another day... more ice!  Off to Landry's to play!

We ended up having ice days all the way through Wednesday of the next week. 

It was rough!  Lots of snuggling and games... then mommy headed off for training at Universal and I headed back to school as a big 6 year old!

Oh!  And mommy was named one of the Top 10 sales producers for her company in 2013.  Yay mommy!