Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 5: Magic Kingdom & Downtown Disney

We attempted to arrive at Magic Kingdom for rope drop (one of mom's bucket list items) but it was not meant to be!  It was the one morning where I slept in and mom and dad decided I needed the sleep...

So we took our time getting over to Magic Kingdom, ready to spend the entire day there!

First up... meeting my favorite little kitty cat Marie!

Her pose idea... LOVE it!

Next we noticed the Storybook Princess line at Town Hall was very short so we headed in to see Rapunzel and visit with the other princesses...

Cinderella had me twirl...

Sleeping Beauty took my hand to guide me over to where she meets her friends...

She loved my skirt too... I'm so shy around Sleeping Beauty!

Finally it was time to see Rapunzel!  She was so fun and talkative... we talked about sewing and Pascal, she was very sweet!

I love statues... mom doesn't understand my love for statues, but you will see more of it when we visited Downtown Disney.

We caught a few minutes of the stage show...

and then we headed to meet another princess...


Time to ride Winnie the Pooh... I love this ride for some reason!


Maybe it's the fun interactive queue!

Here is the Beast's castle.  Sad to report we never made it inside, but it we will for sure next trip!

Magic Kingdom has the best corn dogs!

Mom stood in line for me to meet Merida.  It was the longest line we waited in the entire week, but it was worth it!  She had a beautiful meet and greet area and she spent time with each family!

Time to ride the Jungle Cruise!

and meet up with my birthday twin Emerson.  They spent the morning at Animal Kingdom, so we didn't get a ton of time together.

This trip we were selected to participate in FastPass+.  It's just like the FastPasses you use in the park, but you get to preselect them before you leave on your trip.  One of our selections was a prime viewing area for the Dreams Come True parade...

It was absolutely awesome!

We were able to walk up right before the parade started and have a great view of the parade in front of the castle.  It was awesome!

There was even a hilarious cast member entertaining are area...

Can you tell I loved it?

Look how close I was to the parade!


A little behind the scenes shot... Rapunzel's tower.  It's still behind a construction wall, but it's lovely!

Monsters, Inc. time! We love the show, it's hilarious and a great break!

Happy girl!

I noticed a photographer doing a magic photo in front of Ariel's Grotto and I couldn't wait to participate!

We tried something new this trip... a waffle sandwich with nutella and fruit!  YUMMY!

As we were leaving we saw the wait to meet Mickey at Town Square was super short so we decided to pop in and meet him too...

So glad we did!  Mickey is so handsome in his tux!

Funny picture huh?  I promise Mickey wasn't putting me in a choke hold!

After a fun day at Magic Kingdom we headed down to downtown Disney to explore (we had never been there)...

See more statues!

Another bucket list item for mom...

Characters in Flight! It's a tethered hot air balloon that takes you 400 feet in the air!

It was VERY windy up there...

But the lights of downtown Disney were amazing...

and I wasn't scared at all!

For $18 a person ($12 for kids), it is DEFINITELY worth it!

Next we did what everyone does in downtown Disney... we shopped!  They have a build a bear type store for potato heads!  It was awesome!

Look how big Duffy is!!!

More statues and signs...

LOVE this!  We are big pin traders and the PIN are FULL of princess pins!

and look what we spotted on our way out... an Alice in Wonderland Minnie... SO cool!

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