Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Laity Lodge Family Camp

Mom grew up going to a summer camp on the Frio River in the Hill Country.  Her and her sister went every summer for 2 weeks and it was her favorite 2 weeks of the year!  Last year we found out they were doing Family Camps and we decided to go!
But first I had to go to school! 
Ready for the car ride!  It's a LONG drive!
Laffy Taffy break!
When you get to camp you have to drive THROUGH the river!  I was worried about the frogs and fish and turtles. 
Finally we got settled in at our cabin (which had been a cabin mom stayed in one summer)... In fact, she stayed in this bed!
This is what family camp is really about!
Time to go to roundup!
This is mommy's friend Amy.  They met at summer camp when they were 9 and went to camp together every summer.  They hadn't seen each other in 18 years!
Playing Ga Ga Ball...
Like I said before... this is what family camp is really about!
and sand... lots and lots of time in the sand!
After roundup we made s'mores!
Silly girl!
Ready for day 2!  Mom and I ended up sleeping in that bunk together that night!  It was cold and I woke up at 2am saying I was too cold to sleep.  I fell right back to sleep with some mommy cuddles!
 Here's all the families.  Every meal you would sit at a table with other families and get to know each other.  It was great to meet new friends and connect with old ones, there was even a guy mom went to high school with there!
Family picture...
and again... this is what family camp is really about!
My dinosaur (I designed him myself)..
We took a trip through the river to the new family camp that is opening soon.  This is my buddy Jake.  He's Amy's son and my age...
It was SO fun to ride in the back of the truck!
Blue hole!  The coldest water ever!
These people are CRAZY!
The new family camp is amazing!  We can't wait to stay there next year!
This bridge goes across Blue Hole and there will be treehouses on the other side...
A view from the cabin...
Heading back to camp...
Next it was time for activities...
I wanted to go fishing with dad and mom went to arts & crafts...
Then mom and I headed to Leakey with some other families to ride horses.  ON A TRAIL!
This is my horse.  Shiloh was his name.
Mom couldn't really take pictures while we were up there... so she took a picture of our shadow.  It was an amazing ride!
 and while we did that... daddy ziplined!
More sand time!
Time for round up!
Some dads played musical crates with blindfolds.  It was HILARIOUS!
Then we had a carnival and made banana boats (yum) and they did a funny skit...
Some of the counselors dressed up like old women to play gaga ball...
Last day!
Thanks Tee with Sugar for the shirt!  It was perfect!
After breakfast we went out canoeing as a family... it was awesome!
and then I got to spend a little more time in the sand...
Mommy taking me to kid's club...
How fun is this picture?
Another picture of mom and Amy...
all us kids arriving to our last round up after kid's club..
It was a great weekend... we love our Disney vacations, but this was SO different.  A time to disconnect from the world and reconnect together!
I love my family!

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