Sunday, July 21, 2013

American Girl Doll with Grandma Kitty

Grandma Kitty had never been to American Girl doll... and I was MORE than happy to take her!

Rebecca was ready to go with us too!

 Mom always told me I could only have one American Girl Doll... but she is easy persuaded!  Especially when Grandma Kitty wants to buy her for me...  how could she disappoint both of us?

and so meet Katherine!  She is a look alike doll, we have the same color hair AND eyes!

We headed up to the American Girl Bistro for lunch...

I enjoyed their tiny cups of lemonade...

Lunch there is SO yummy and pretty affordable!

and dessert is the best!

We visited with Saige, the girl of the year...

and mom bought me a bag that holds both my sweet girls!

I was very proud!

It was a wonderful trip!  Thank you Grandma Kitty for Katherine!  I love her so much!

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