Friday, August 2, 2013

4th of July & the Dentist!

A note from mom:  Work has been extremely busy and I just realized that this blog is officially a month behind.  Not a good thing with the big kindergarten milestone ahead of us!  Also, last week my laptop shorted out on me and ate a bunch of pictures from 4th of July, so all I have is iphone pictures.  I'm going to skip editing pictures and just try to post as much as possible to get us caught up before kindergarten!

Following our American Girl Doll visit I was super excited to dress up like Katherine... aren't we cute?

Grandma Kitty & Papa Don headed home and I got to visit the dentist for the first time...

I got all good news!  No cavities, 1 loose tooth and a future of orthodontic care!

Mom was so proud!

We came home to play and mom had to work... this is how she found me!

To celebrate our last night of just us girls we went to BJ's...

Mom was amazed how easy I was...

We are becoming really good girlfriends!

And we got the triple pizookie!  YUM!

Finally it was July 4th... well 3rd, because that's when we celebrate it!

First I headed to Art Class...

and then a stop at Toys R Us...

Finally daddy was home and we headed out to dinner and to see the fireworks!

My official 4th of July picture!

Fireworks!  They were awesome!

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