Friday, August 31, 2012

Ballet, Allowance & Meet the Teacher

It's the week before school starts for me (and the big kids are all back in school this week) so that means one thing... time to get back to a routine!

Monday will now be my ballet day... we are back at Majestic this year and thrilled to be there!  All day long I kept saying "I'm so excited to go to Majestic and take class with Ms. Donna"...

Finally it was time!  I'm in the kindergarten class, so I have to wait for them to get out of school... I don't have class until 3:45!

The beginning of the year also means lots of flash back pictures!  2011...


Such a big kid now!

Ready to go... notice there is NO worry on my face!

I'm super excited to be back in class with Sydney... she was in my class 2 years ago and her sister is my teacher at Oh Look Perform!

We did some big girl stuff! 

Tuesday mom took me to see my first movie in 3d... it was at the discount theater so mom wasn't stressed about spending a bunch of money and then me not enjoying it... we saw Madagascar 3 (again) and it was awesome!  After the movie we took dad to the Fort Worth Zoo for Zoo Preschool orientation...  I'm going to have SO much fun there!

Wednesday we took my purse with my allowance money in it to Barnes and Noble.  I've been wanting the same thing for 6 weeks and I finally had enough money (actually I had twice as much as I needed) to get it!

Mom loves that I spent my first allowance money on a book!  Good girl!

Friday it was finally time for Meet the Teacher!

You are so not ready for the comparison pictures!

4 years of Meet the Teacher at the Happiest Preschool on Earth!

Mom just loves this picture!

and this is my normal goofy self at home...

I'm finally in the jungle room!  It's mommy's dream come true!

We are going to have a great year in Ms. Stephanie's room!  5 girls & 8 boys!  So fun!

To celebrate Meet the Teacher we headed to the Original Pancake House to have pancakes for lunch!

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