Saturday, March 16, 2013

Disneyland Day 1

About 3 days after we got home from Disney World daddy came home from work and told us that he was going to be working a food expo in Anaheim... in March.  Mom could not believe that less than 90 days after our Disney World trip we were going to do it all again!  We still haven't printed the pictures from that trip, but I'm excited to share all the pictures from my 2nd trip to Disneyland.

Excited to head to the airport!  As fun as my surprise trip was in December, I also LOVE the weeks leading up to vacation!  It's so exciting to plan what you are going to do first and what you are the most excited about!

A little airport treat...

Getting excited!

I'm always happy to see the John Wayne statue because it means we are almost there!

and this is what all 5 year olds need to do after being on a plane for 3 hours... RUN!

We were greeted at the door of the hotel by Goofy himself!  How fun is that?  He was excited to meet my Duffy Bear and welcome me to Disneyland...

Tea cup chairs?  Amazing!

Excited to check out our room!

Disneyland Hotel recently had a major renovation and the rooms are incredible!  Those fireworks behind me light up and the headboard plays a song!  So magical!

Our view from our 8th floor room!

If you zoom in you can see Splash Mountain and Matterhorn...

So where did I want to go first?  One of the things missing from Disney World... TOONTOWN!  I love it!

Ready for my first coaster... Gadget Go Coaster...

Look a real duck outside of Donald the Duck's boat... HA!

I ran into Pluto and he was trying to blow up the building... so I helped...

He was running around being VERY funny!

Time to meet the mouse that started it all!  Mickey!

Mom said she needed a picture with Mickey for her travel website... I think she's just a big kid!

a little more Toon Town...

We decided to get the scariest ride out of the way and headed to Matterhorn...

Look at this... I had to sit in a seat ALL BY MYSELF!  This first round mom was behind me and holding me in a little tighter so I wouldn't bump around too much... of course her arms aren't that long so she ended up getting bumped around too... but I loved this ride! 

Can you tell mom was SUPER excited to get her hands on those Mickey Mouse shaped beignets?  YUMMO!

Time to ride another of my favorite Disneyland rides... Alice in Wonderland...

and I got to watch the parade from the line!

and from the top of the ride!

The first night at the park would not be the same without riding the teacups!

We always have such a great time the first night at the parks!  There is something magical about that first day!

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