Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break

2 problems about vacationing the week before Spring Break. #1 Spring Break seems REALLY boring in comparison and #2 Mommy didn't get a Milla break for two weeks, which is too long for her!  The first few days of Spring Break were spent sleeping in (till noon the day after we got back), adjusting to the time change and playing in my playroom...

Finally towards the end of the week things got fun!  On Wednesday we met Piper & Hayden at the park to play.  We have a secret park and in the middle of Spring Break NO ONE was there!

Piper & I put on a fashion show...

We are silly friends!

We really enjoy our playdates (although we enjoy them more at Piper's house playing in her room with no supervision and lots of makeup).

Sweet Hayden... I love him!

Thursday night Grandma Kitty & Papa Don arrived.  We took them to Rainforest Cafe on Friday.  The mall was packed, but it was worth it!

I rode the train while we waited for our table...

and I got to eat with the tigers!

Mom thinks I look way too big in all the pictures that follow!

After the mall we headed to Bob Jones for a playdate with my school friends.  It was great to see everyone and for Grandma Kitty & Papa Don to meet some of my friends!

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