Thursday, September 20, 2012


Another year... another Grapefest!  It's becoming a very expensive outing!  We could literally have more fun and spend less at Six Flags... maybe we'll do that next year!

Why is it so expensive?  Because I want to ride lots of rides and I'm not tall enough to ride by myself... so we have to spend twice the amount of tickets... sounds like a sham doesn't it?

But we had fun!

Mommy & I ventured into the fun house...

and while we walked around the festival we tried out our new piggyback rider... pretty cool huh?

There's a little metal bar that I stand on and then I am harnessed in so I can't fall out...

Cotton candy time!

A couple more rides...

and a trip to the petting farm...

Which I LOVED!

and we were done!  1 more blog and then we will be on our way to Mickey's cruise ship!

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