Monday, September 3, 2012

Taylor's Birthday & Labor Day Weekend...

We started our Labor Day Weekend off by heading to AquaKids for Taylor's 5th birthday!  My mom and Taylor's mom went to high school together and Taylor and I always get along great!

I spent most of the party mastering a new skill...

Being thrown!

Silly goggle picture!

Time for cupcakes!

I was excited!

Sweet Taylor!  Happy birthday my friend!

After her party we headed to Toni & Guy for a back to school haircut with Sally... look how pretty it looks!

Here's the before...

and a camera phone picture with it down.  She gave me long side bangs that I haven't quite figured out how to manage yet, but they definitely look big girl!

Watch my crazy dancing with my crazy bangs!

Sunday morning we worked on my "About Me" page for school.  I wanted a picture of ALL my bears so we piled them up...

Then we headed outside to play before the blistering heat took over...

Our trips to the grocery store get more and more interesting!  I decided I was Foofa today and I would only answer to Foofa... but Foofa is 5 and doesn't throw fits, so mom kind of likes when I'm Foofa!

After the grocery store we headed to the pool.  Mom explained to me very rationally that this is the last weekend the slide will be open and that I should probably go down in daddy's lap and then think about going down by myself since that was one of my goals for the summer.  I turned around and told her I would skip sliding with dad and just go down by myself... I was ready!  Mom couldn't believe it!  I probably went 40 times and I kept saying how proud I was of myself!

Today we headed back to the pool for more sliding AND more throwing... how crazy are these throws?

Mom loves my cheerleading moves in this one...

Tomorrow I head back to school.  I went to bed with a few jitters and asked for extra books, extra cuddles and extra "sleepy water".  I will be going 5 days a week and I have 13 kids in my class, I am SO excited, but also a little nervous about the kids I don't know.

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