Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Week in Review...

So mom has a goal of having us all caught up on the blog before we leave to Disney World... So how do you do that?  Well, she says you stop taking pictures so you can catch up.

Here I am before ballet last week...

I asked to ride my bike before we left...

Wednesday school...

This was my first day of staying for afternoon school this year and I did GREAT!  Mom had to go to the dentist. :(

Thursday we took it easy, mommy was in pain from her tooth and we had some trip shopping to get done...

Friday school, mom had a root canal so I stayed for the afternoon again...

When school was over daddy was there to pick me up... yay daddy!

Saturday we ventured out as a family to Frisco to shop and let mommy heal... Saturday was also the day that Mic

Here is the video from when Mickey called to tell me I was going to Disney World... and the script of what Mickey said 

"Hi there! It's me, Mickey. And you know what? Somebody who loves you a whole lot told me a secret.
They said you're goin' on a trip real soon.
Oh boy! That sure is exciting. But I guess it might be a little bit scary, too, huh pal?

Aw, it's OK to be scared sometimes.

Especially when you wanna do your best.
Ya know, even I get scared. Usually it's when me and my pals have a big show comin' up. Welp, I know you'll do a great job and everything will turn out just swell.

Remember, Pluto and I'll be rootin' for ya! G'bye!" 

I know I don't sound that excited in the video, but I DEFINITELY am!  I have had LOTS of warning that the trip was coming, so I wasn't that surprised.  Mom and dad are very proud of how well behaved I've been the past few months while I earned this trip... we cannot wait to go!

Monday I announced to my friends at school where I was going...

SO excited!

After school and errands I was exhausted!  Can you believe this is my crib mattress... don't I look huge on it?

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