Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Fun & Pinkalicious!

I love the weekend before Halloween!  There are always lots of things to do and lots of candy!

First up Saturday night... the neighborhood carnival...

I went as the Cheshire cat...

It was COLD!

then we headed over to the Trammel's for the annual pumpkin carving party... SO fun!


Exhausting!  My friend Cameron was there and I made another friend and we just ran circles around the entire house... it's always such a fun party!

Sunday mommy had a surprise... we were going to Pinkalicious with Bella and Shelley!


It was at the Dallas Children's Theater and it was a huge production...

I just love going to live theater!

Sweet Bella and Shelley... they are some of our favorite people!

Ready for the show to start!

What a fun treat!  Thank you Bella and Shelley for going with us, it was a blast!

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