Thursday, August 22, 2013

2nd Post: Meet the Teacher

This morning we headed up to Ridgeview to have a little one on one time with my teacher.  Mom met with the school counselor last spring about my history of anxiety and they came up with several things they could do to lower my anxiety at the beginning of the year.  One of those was to allow me to come in before Meet the Teacher and get to know my teacher and the classroom on my own.  It was really fun!  Mom and I came up with questions to as Mrs. Oliphint and I was able to read most of them to her.  She had great answers and we bonded over our trips to Disney World.  We became very fast friends!

After we met mom and I explored the school a little bit and found this little nook...

Which is the exact same nook where she took this picture in 2011... 

After some errands and some rest it was time to head back up for the official Meet the Teacher night!

I know 4 kids in my class from the neighborhood, including my neighbor 3 doors down, which I'm SUPER excited about!

I was also excited to show daddy my classroom and have him meet Mrs. Oliphint.

Look at all those books! 

We explored the library and I added my favorite book to the list of favorite books...

Here I am with my neighbor Ava... so excited to be in the same class (and sit at the same table)...

Our awesome classroom!  We are upstairs and look out on the street that leads to our street.  Mom says she's going to have to come up with another way out of the neighborhood so she doesn't distract me. :)  Next to me is Mckenna.  We met at the pool this summer.

Here's my spot!

Do I look ready or what? School starts on Tuesday!  I'm so excited!

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