Monday, August 26, 2013

Last Day of Summer

Kind of like Christmas Eve, mom was afraid today would drag on forever if we didn't have something fun planned.  So we ended summer with a special day!

We headed to Chuck E Cheese with Bella for lunch and games...

We even did some dancing with him...

and then we headed to Sweet & Sassy for manicures and pedicures...

and then our last stop was Milwaukee Joe's for ice cream!

Thanks for sharing the last day of summer with me Bella!

Mom and I headed home to get me ready for hip hop.  I was excited about hip hop, but nervous and I did NOT want to take pictures...

After a long talk I came around (mom is praying I'm more willing to take pictures tomorrow morning for the first day of school!)

Proof that I had a blast at hip hop!  I immediately came out and said "when can I come back to hip hop?"  Mom explained to me that I have ballet/tap/jazz on Thursday, but I still wanted to know when I could come back for hip hop! :)

We ended the day with dinner, a bubble bath and lots of kindergarten books... mom was worried about whether or not I would sleep... but this is how she found me 5 minutes after bedtime.  Can you find me in all the stuffed animals?

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