Sunday, April 25, 2010

Southlake Arts Festival

We had a relaxing morning at home and an early nap all in preparation for our trip to Southlake Arts Festival...

Somehow I've gotten up to 26 pounds but most of my clothes are falling off of me... my pants here are 12-18 months and my shirt is 18 months! Crazy!

Time to go to the festival!

There were lots of artists and some interesting art...

There were ducks and ducklings (we also saw Ms. Glenna from school at this point, it was so fun to see her!)

Time to stop for a corn dog... YUMMY!

and a stop at the fountain...

The best part of the day was the Carroll Jazz Band playing...

They were awesome!

We actually saw the director at the grocery store afterward and mom and dad stopped to compliment him on how talented they were!

I sat on mom's lap and clapped and tapped my foot... mom sees lots of jazz concerts in our future!

Our final stop was Milwaukee Joes... so good!

I forgot how much I love Milwaukee Joes!

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